Making Money With MCA (in 3 Simple Steps)

If you're new to MCA or struggling to make commissions, this article is for you. Follow these 3 steps and start making money today.


STEP 1: Set Up Your MCA Back Office

Before you can start selling MCA, you must become a MCA Associate. This requires some paperwork. To find it, log into your account at and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Associates" tab
  2. Click on "Associate Eligibility"
  3. Follow the Instructions for Associate Agreement, W9, etc.

How to Complete Your Associate Forms (Video Tutorials)


STEP 2: Get Your MCA Sign-Up Link

Once you've submitted your required forms (Step 1), you can start earning commissions immediately! You don't need to wait for MCA to approve your forms.

To create your unique MCA sign-up link, log into your account at and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Account” tab
  2. Click the "Login Info" button
  3. Copy your “Current Username”
  4. Paste your “Current Username” at the end of this exact link:

Whenever someone signs up through your unique link, you'll earn a lifetime commission. Cha-ching!


STEP 3: Share Your MCA Sign-Up Link

Now that you're able to earn commissions (Step 1) and have yor sign-up link prepared (Step 2), it's time to spread the word!

Here's 3 of our favorite sales methods:

Social Media
Have lots of followers? Post about MCA on Facebook. This is a fast (and free!) way to generate sign-ups.

Learn More About Social Marketing

Not good with computers? No problem! Dropcards are the cheapest and most effective offline marketing tool ever.

Learn More About Dropcard Marketing

Landing Pages (Advanced)
Unlike other Online Sales Systems, OSP has an online sales funnel designed for MCA: MCA landing pages, email templates & more!

Learn More About OSP (+ Get a FREE Trial)

Not signed up to MCA yet? Sign up here.

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