FitMagic™ Review: Effortless Weight Loss?

The idea that a patch, alone, might be able to help you lose weight might seem like magic. However, that’s exactly what FitMagic transdermal patches promise. The patches are supposed to help control cravings and suppress your appetite. What’s more, they’re entirely vegetarian, dairy, and gluten-free. But do they work?


What’s the deal?

The primary function and appeal of FitMagic patches are that they help you suppress your appetite. Supposedly, this is all down to natural Caralluma, Garcinia Cambogia, and Raspberry Ketone ingredients delivered directly through the skin. One pack provides 30 patches, with one patch to be applied before breakfast, meaning that a pack lasts practically a month.

The beauty of feeling full

FitMagic markets itself as an appetite suppression product and we can, indeed, confirm that wearing one of these patches throughout the day makes you feel much fuller. Managing smaller portions and ignoring the cravings to go raiding the fridge was much easier on these patches than without them. Without wearing the patch, we noticed much more regular snacking, and the same meals wouldn’t feel quite as filling.


But does it burn weight?

It’s hard to speak for the science behind FitMagic without a Ph.D. in human chemistry. The ketone ingredients are supposed to help the ketogenic process, by which the body burns up your fat storage more effectively. While we did notice significant weight loss while using these patches, it is quite hard to tell whether that’s down to their inbuilt weight loss ingredients or whether it’s thanks to the fact that they made dieting much easier.

Is it worth it?

The FitMagic website sells thirty patches (a month’s supply) at $39.99. That averages at just over $1 a day for all the benefits we’ve described. Personally, we think it’s worth giving it a try. Thankfully, free samples direct from FitMagic’s site makes that a lot easier. It’s worth seeing how much of an impact the patches make throughout the sample period. If you’re making more progress than you are otherwise and finding it easier to diet, it may just be worth it. After all, you might be saving the money you spend by buying fewer snacks throughout the month, too.

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A responsible alternative

One of the points we appreciate most about FitMagic is the total lack of any gluten or animal products in the patches. Whether it’s a health concern or an ethical issue, it can be difficult to find weight loss tools that don’t include the ingredients you’re specifically trying to avoid. Thankfully, providers like FitMagic are starting to notice that there is a big market out there for people who are looking for just those alternatives.

What do you think? While we can recommend FitMagic as a weight loss solution to help control cravings, we always recommend going with personal experience. Remember that FitMagic provides free samples so it’s easy to test it out for yourself and well worth it. If you see the same benefits as us, you could have just stumbled onto your biggest ally in the battle against the belly.

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