The Easiest Way To Get 1,000s of Leads (Without A Computer)

Any network marketer or salesperson will tell you, there’s only one rule for success: Get lots of leads. If nobody ever hears your pitch, how will you ever grow your business?

But getting leads is difficult. Especially in today’s digital landscape. Marketers must battle more attention-hogging distractions than ever: social media, streaming video, pop-ups, etc.

So what's the solution? If you can afford a $10,000 conversion-optimized landing page, no problem. But generating 1000s of leads for under $20, that hasn’t been possible — until now. is the creator of a truly unique marketing tool known as the "dollar business card," "dollar drop card," or simply "dropcard." Here's an example:


When folded, a dollar dropcard looks and feels like a genuine $100 bill. But, when unfolded, reveals a blank space with your custom message. Surprise!

In fact, dollar drop cards from are so detailed, they stand up to microscopic scrutiny. They contain the same microdot pattern as a genuine dollar bill.

Until your prospect reads your message, they have no idea they're holding a piece of marketing material. That's the genius of it.


For marketers who dread the effort of attracting leads by word of mouth - or paying for expensive ads - is a Godsend.

Effective and simple: just enter your custom message using their online design tool and place your order. Then, scatter a few everywhere you go. Malls, parking lots, campuses, and cinemas are all fair game.

Plus, unlike traditional flyers and pamphlets, dollar dropcards are guaranteed to capture attention. Who doesn't stop whatever they're doing to pick up a $100 bill?

Want to try dropcard marketing for yourself? Learn more here.

Gordon Gekko

Gordon Gekko

The alias of NeonTrust's anonymous admin, the character Gordon Gekko symbolizes our core purpose with his famous "Wallstreet" quote: “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.

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