About Us

Founded by professional marketers with a combined net worth of $40M+, NeonTrust has 1 goal: to give you money-making advice from people who have actually done it. (Even our Guest Posters must meet a strict $1M+ net worth cutoff - and, yes, we vet them all).

The posts here are direct and to the point. We won't waste your time (or ours) with exhaustive pros/cons lists - like most review sites. We'll only tell you what works. After all, your time is just as valuable as ours; it's the only asset we never get back.

NeonTrust only promotes opportunities, services, and products that score a perfect 10/10 for:

  • Effectiveness
  • ROI
  • Ease of use

The concept of a Perfect 10 is so fundamental to our philosophy that it's embedded into our name. Neon is #10 on the Elemental Chart.

To reiterate: we're committed to giving you, our readers, actionable advice about growing wealth. What you do with that advice is 100% up to you. Anyone can go from $0 to $1M (and far beyond) with the right information, and we've done our best to provide it.

NeonTrust Admin, a.k.a, Gordon Gekko